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RMIS RMIS Query System
Welcome to the Regional Mark Information System (RMIS). The RMIS Standard Reporting (RSR) system is used to access data in the Coded-Wire Tag (CWT) database. This system allows the user to build a query, optionally preview the result set row by row, then run a familiar RMIS formatted report of their choice using the result set. The report may be displayed in the browser or delivered by email.

Further detailed information about the RSR system can be found in the RMIS User Guide V3, Chapters 3-6.

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Tagged Releases (Record Code T only)
Non-Assoc. Releases (Record Code N only)
All Releases (Tagged and Non-Assoc.)
Adclipped Releases (Tagged and Non-Assoc.)
Related Releases (DIT & Other related groups only)
Recoveries By Tag Code (Tag Status 1 only, limit 180 tags)
Recoveries By Release Hatchery (Tag Status 1 only)
Recoveries By Tag List (Tag Status 1-9, limit 180 tags)
All Recoveries (Tag Status 1-9, up to 1000 tags)
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